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Some things are best left to professionals. Home and office painting are some of them. Residential and commercial painting services are an important investment that adds high value to your property in a short time. But you need the finish to be of good quality to enhance property value.

As well-established, experienced, knowledgeable professionals in the GTA, we add one more service to this list: safety! We use only the top tier, eco-friendly, safe paints that are good for health. Paints contain several toxic chemicals that may trigger allergies or affect your health when inhaled. We ensure that our products are green by using materials that are free from volatile organic compounds (VOC). 

VOC is released from several consumer products such as air fresheners, cleaning fluids, pesticides, paints and thinners. Even short-term exposure can have severe adverse effects. Your health is as important to us as your home and office aesthetics. This is why we rely on nothing but the best materials.

Our high-quality paint provides a uniform finish in lesser coats that lasts twice as long. Even if it costs a bit more, our paints are cost-effective in the long run because you don’t need to retouch as often. They splatter less so cleanups are quicker. They are dirt-resistant so you have no worries about unwanted smudges on your wall. It’s hard to prevent children from making a mess, so even if you find fingerprints on your walls, be assured that they will be easier to clean up than cheaper materials. 

Boost the value of your residential or commercial property, heritage home or new, interiors and exteriors. Keep the walls looking fresh and fabulous for years to come. Trust us. We will do it for you. Feel free to contact us for free colour consultation.


You can rely on us to do it right. Let our professional and experienced team prepare and finish your home painting project. You’re proud of your home, don’t just let anyone paint it.

Commercial Painting Toronto
Commercial Painting Toronto


Get back to business with zero downtime and impress your clients with a fresh lick of paint. On each and every one of our commercial painting projects, our job is to make your warehouse, building, or business look beautiful and more importantly to protect it for years to come. Let us help you with your next big project!


We make it easy and hassle free. We know your busy, go ahead and enjoy your day while professional painters take care of it all. Helping to make your life easier and save you valuable time. Book a consultation! Guaranteed Awesome :-)

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Our owner will manage your project from the beginning. He knows the latest colour trends and also has great design ideas that will help in your colour selections should you require assistance. Even the sheen you use will be important in being satisfied with the finishes. His eyes are the customer’s eyes. If it isn’t right or something may have been missed, he will see it. This ensures the customer can trust their new beautiful paint job is being attended to and its WORRY FREE.

Painting Services toronto


Upon prompt arrival our crews will start prepping and ensuring the areas needing attention are cleared and ready. Our process has been perfected to be accurate, neat and efficient. You’ll be amazed how easy we make it look.

Commercial Painting Toronto


Every lead painter on each painting job has a minimum 20 years of house painting experience. This will be reflected in the finished product. It is also a testament to how much they love painting. Passion is what drives us to make you happy!

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Our Guarantee is simple. If you’re not satisfied that WE DO IT PAINTERS delivered what was agreed to, then you don’t pay until it is. Our Warranty covers any defective workmanship or paint failures for a period of 2 years.

Home Painting


When you receive your detailed estimate, there will be a copy of the up to date CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE. In addition, WSIB clearance certificates are ready upon request

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define the beauty
of your home.

We offer FREE colour consultations. In the end, we want your input to help us choose the colours that compliment your home and style. We have been doing this a long time, we know what colours stand the test of time to get the most out of the project. We want this job to satisfy you for many years.

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