Everyone talks about paint in the bedroom, the kitchen or the family spaces but painting the bathrooms in your home are not as widely spoken about. This is curious as the bathroom is seen often, and the right bathroom colour and design can transform the space. Take pride in every room in your house with these nine-bathroom paint colour ideas.

Universal white

Use white on bathrooms of any size to maximize the space’s size. You can use white as your main colour and constantly spice it up with coloured towels, countertops, fixtures, or tiles. White is a great option for bathrooms with no windows. It will reflect light from your fixtures, making you almost forget you don’t have windows.


Light green is a perfect shade for a small, medium or large-sized bathroom. Paired with white countertops and maybe a few houseplants, this space may very easily become one of your favourite rooms in the house. Experiment with the green vibrancy to reflect more or less light.


A copper theme can be very unique. During a bathroom renovation, think about adding a copper sink and really hit the ground running. Your bathroom will be the most unique out of your friends by far.


A purple adds a feminine touch to your bathroom, one that adds colour without being too much or too little. Keep your space light and airy by adding matching purple towels and modern sink ware.


Painting your walls black might scare you, but wait. The contrast between the black walls and white toilet and sink generate a very contemporary room theme. Black doesn’t make your bathroom feel cold, though, instead, it offers a comfortable style.

Shades of blue

Add extra dimension by painting your walls different shades of the same colour blue. This keeps the space uniform, but very unique and personalized. For this technique, it’s nice to have a few larger walls to cover.


Taupe is the warmer, more sophisticated sibling to grey.  The colouring offers a neutral theme to your bathroom space but maintains warmth. This is an ideal colouring for larger spaces, as with smaller rooms, it may feel a little too cozy.


Ah, grey, a happy middle between white and black, warm and cold, all-around extremely neutral. Add grey to your bathroom space and allow the rest of your creativity to run wild. Grey goes with just about anything, so you can’t go wrong with decorating.


Choose any colour and paint a pattern for a one-of-a-kind bathroom style your guests won’t forget. A patterned wall is ideal for any bathroom, even contemporary when the right colours are chosen!

The key to any space looking amazing is hardly the colour, it’s the paint job. Hire We Do It Painters to take on your next painting project. We will transform your home’s walls into a masterpiece. You’ll step foot back into your freshly painted room, and not even recognize it. Contact us today to paint your commercial or residential spaces in Toronto.