While applying primer may feel as though you’re painting the surface of your walls twice, the reality is that primer is very important because it comes with many benefits that will allow you to enjoy your fresh coat of paint a lot longer.

Primer is a layer of lightly coloured paint that is designed to go over the surface of the wall before regular paint is applied. It allows for better paint adhesion, meaning the paint will stick much better regardless of the type of surface you have, which plays a role in how well the paint clings, dries and survives. The last thing you want after a paint job is to see it start to peel, and primer will help prevent peeling while allowing the paint to cure properly. There are different types of primer available, so even if you’re dealing with a surface that does not interact very well with paint, you can find a primer to help you paint successfully.

Primer is also very helpful if you are painting over dark colours because, in a lot of cases, the dark colour underneath will continue to show and make its a way through, even after several layers of the new paint has been applied. Primer is the solution to this problem and the white layer will help hide the darker colour and give it the appearance that you want. This is especially important when you are switching to a lighter colour, which can be challenging because the darker colour will affect the new colour if a primer is not applied first.

Once you add a fresh new layer of paint, you want it to last as long as possible. Primer will help to accomplish that because in addition to helping seal vulnerable surfaces, it will also prevent moisture from causing damage underneath the paint so that your new colour can last for many years to come. Primer is also great if you want to hide imperfections on the surface you’re painting over such as blemishes, seams and knots which will show through if a primer is not applied. This is especially true if you’re painting a light colour, in which case primer is a must to provide you with a better appearance.

Certain paints combine primer with the paint so that you don’t need to buy two separate products, but it’s always best to consult an expert who can confirm whether or not you’re purchasing the right paint based on the surface type and the project you want to complete. We Do It Painters will take care of all of your painting needs, whether it’s a commercial project or for your home. They can help with whatever painting services you require, so give them a call today!