If you have commercial real estate, you know how crucial appropriate upkeep is. A customer’s first impression of your firm is frequently based on its look. Visitors could assume you need to care more just to put on a neat, contemporary front if the painting on the inside or exterior walls and decor is flaking, peeling, or the hue needs to be updated.

Getting a new coat of paint is the obvious remedy, and you can seek professional help from commercial painting Oshawa. We have mentioned the common commercial painting mistakes that you should avoid. 

List Of Common Commercial Painting Mistakes

Following are the typical commercial painting mistakes that you must avoid. 

  • Not cleaning and doing any needed maintenance before painting: It’s crucial to clean and prep the area before painting. If you don’t, the finish may be inconsistent, and the paint may not adhere correctly.
  • Inappropriate paint selection: Choosing the incorrect paint for the surface can lead to poor adherence, chalking, and early failure. It’s crucial to pick the proper painting for the area and surroundings it will be in.
  • Not utilizing the suitable tools: Using the correct tools, like a scratchy brush or heavy rollers, can lead to an uneven surface and proper paint application. Utilizing the appropriate equipment for the work is crucial.
  • Not giving adequate drying time: If the paint is not given sufficient time to cure, it may smear or become ruined. It’s crucial to adhere to the drying time guidelines stipulated by the manufacturer.
  • Need to apply more: Using less paint might lead to an uneven surface and the requirement for additional coats. Use just about enough paint to cover the area thoroughly.
  • Absence of primer: Primer is a crucial phase in the repainting process because it helps the paint cling to the area and gives the colour a homogeneous basis. If primer is not used, the finish may be irregular, and the paint may not last as long.
  • Low-Quality Paint: Poor coverage, peeling, and chalking can arise from using low-quality paint. For a finish that will last for a long time, high-quality paint is essential.
  • Not safeguarding other surfaces: Additional surfaces, such as flooring or furniture, may sustain harm if other surfaces are not protected from paint. It’s crucial to cover other surfaces with drop cloths and masking tape.

It is essential to prepare the exterior before painting properly, select the appropriate paint again for the exterior and surroundings, use enough paint, primer, and the proper tools, allow sufficient drying time, defend other surface areas, and use high-quality paint to avoid making these common painting mistakes. Adhering to these recommendations can ensure a professional quality and long-lasting paint scheme.

Also, employing professional commercial painters in Bowmanville, such as We Do It Painters, can help you with the painting of your commercial building. Their professionals hold years of experience and the right tools to ensure that the new paint of your building slays. They can also guide you regarding the types of equipment you will need and the minimum budget to get the commercial painting in Oshawa done.

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