A new year offers an exceptional opportunity to revive and renew your area. One of the most significant ways to do this is with fresh paint. You are making a sizable investment when considering new inside or exterior paint work for your commercial building. 

With this investment, you’ll want to make sure your paintwork enhances the appearance and functionality of your building. To get you started, let’s look at specific creative trends and factors for your painting Pickering project. 

Painting Trends To Watch For In 2023

You must consider the design and painting trend for your next project in 2023.

Vibrant Colours

When selecting paint colours for a personal house, you can update your paint finish as often as possible, but paint schemes need to endure longer in commercial spaces because upgrades may only be possible for some years. In both art and design, be prepared to see a lot of vivid colours like pink, orange, and yellow. Any room will feel lively and cheerful when these colours are used.

Abstract Expressionism

Abstract expressionism is a style of art that places more emphasis on the creation process than the finished piece. More abstract, expressive brushstrokes and a focus on the act of painting are expected.


Commercial company owners frequently use wallcoverings in conjunction with or in place of paint. Wallcoverings can enhance a room with accents, patterns, and more complex designs. The materials most frequently used to create them are vinyl, textiles, stickers, paper, or computer graphics. Make sure the paint business you hire has expertise with the procedure if you prefer a wallcovering for the home to paint.

Eco-Conscious Designs 

As environmental concerns intensify, designers should anticipate increasing the use of sustainable resources and techniques in their creations. This can entail using recycled or reused materials or creating furniture and home accents that are simple to deconstruct and reuse.


The resurgence of craftsmanship has been attributed to the popularity of the fashion industry and mass-produced goods, as well as the rising popularity of handmade products. Expect more handcrafted items focusing on durability and quality in furniture, décor, and even clothes.

Floor Murals

Consumers who visit your company need to have more modern or unhygienic flooring to give them a better impression. Your floors can sustain damage if your commercial real estate has significant pedestrian paths areas. To help with aesthetics and luminosity, several expert painting businesses will paint flooring. In the long term, a painted floor requires less upkeep.

Blurring Lines Between Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

The distinction between indoor and outdoor communal quarters has become increasingly hazy as more and more individuals choose to spend their time indoors. Expect to see additional outdoor spaces, dining areas, and even bedrooms, as well as a focus on integrating indoor and outer regions seamlessly.

Mixed Media 

The usage of mixed media has become more common as a result of technological advancements. The fields of painting and design will increasingly use 3D printing, augmented reality, and visual photography.

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