Choosing the perfect accent wall colour can be overwhelming. If you are getting bored with your space, an accent wall can completely transform it into something that you’ll love. You may love colour and how it can transform a room, but when left on your own to choose paint for an accent wall can’t make a decision. Worry not, you’re in the right place. Below, we give you some tips on how to choose an accent wall colour you’ll love.

Choose A Wall

There are a few ways to choose a wall to accent in your space. You can choose;

  • A wall that stands out: Is there a wall that pulls your attention?
  • An obstructed wall: Is there a wall in your space that is free from extra furniture?
  • A balanced wall: Is there a wall in your space that is not going to be bare or busy after you’ve added the accent colour? If it’s too bare, then adding an accent will make it feel unbalanced in contrast to the rest of the room.

How To Choose The Best Accent Colour?

The best way to choose an accent colour that will complement your home is to choose a wall paint colour that coordinates with your furniture and home decor. If your home is a classic country home, warm hues of yellow or tan will be great options for an accent wall. Modern home decor will work well with grey and dusty blue accents.

Purchase Paint Samples

After choosing a paint colour (or several), you’ll want to purchase paint samples. This is the time that you test out the colours, and see how they are in different lighting before making the final decision. Once you’ve decided on the colour, you can get ready to paint! You can use a paint calculator in order to determine how much paint you’ll need to purchase for your project. Generally, one gallon of paint will paint approximately 350 sq/ft.

Prep Your Wall

The next step is to prep the wall for painting. You’ll want to remove the outlet covers from the outlets on the way, which can be done with a screwdriver. Skipping this step will make painting so much harder, as it will be very time-consuming to paint around each outlet cover. You can make your painting project neater by taping off the edges around the wall, which also include corners and the edges along with the ceiling and baseboards. Make sure you use painters tape as it is designed to give a good seal to prevent paint from seeping in.

For all of your paint needs, contact We Do It Painters. We will work with you to choose the best accent wall colour for your space, and get the painting job done quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to transform your space.