If you are looking to paint your house and redesign your walls to bring more comfort into your home’s rooms, you have come to the right place. Painting your walls is something that you should always take into careful consideration as the factors of which brand paint you are using and keeping consistency between the colors you use in your house or other properties such as your business.

The most important information that you should consider is how long it would take to paint your whole house and if it’s worth it to hire a professional painting company to do it for you. Let’s talk about how long it takes for paint to dry and the process involved in painting an entire house.

  • The first step to painting your house is knowing each room’s size that you will be painting. If it wasn’t already obvious, the bigger the room, the longer it will take to paint and the more coats it might need
  • If you are planning to apply direct coats of lighter paint over a dark wall, you will need multiple coats, but the most common way to achieve a professional look is by applying two coats.
  • The condition of the walls you are painting is also an important factor in knowing how much paint you will need. With that being said, if the walls are dirty, you will need to clean them up before you start the process.
  • The weather can be a factor in how fast your paint will dry. It can also affect the number of coats you need to add to the wall. Hot weather compared to cold climates has a drastic effect on how the project will turn out.

If you are looking for a home or commercial painting in Toronto and the GTA, it’s important to hire the right team to paint the rooms in your house or office. We Do It Painters has the perfect painters on our team to give our clients and customers the satisfaction they deserve.