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Commercial Painting


We Do High-Quality Commercial Painting.

Painting a commercial property is no easy feat. To make a statement and attract business, the workmanship needs to be of the highest quality, inside out. You can’t afford to compromise on the finish by hiring inexperienced workers simply because they are cheaper. Painting that is not well done will end up costing much more in the long run because it may not be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. In all probability, you may have to hire a team again to redo the project to your satisfaction. Make sure your investment brings you the best returns, the first time. Just get in touch with us. We understand how commercial painting requires different skills from residential painting. Commercial buildings are made of tougher concrete, stucco and metal that require highly experienced hands for the best finish. The scale of commercial projects are also much larger. You need professionals who have the right resources to coordinate with your company and safeguard your property. Most of all, you need the company to respect your budget without compromising on the quality. Commercial painting also needs great attention to safety and time-sensitive as the services are often carried out during office hours. We understand that the project needs to be completed on schedule without disrupting traffic from employees, clients and customers. We use non-toxic paint and take care to observe all standards of safety through the process. If you are looking for outstanding painting solutions and a highly-skilled team,give us a call.


Utilizing our unmatched 5 Star Process, We Do It Painters handles every commercial painting job with precision and exacting work. After you choose your preferred colours and finishes, we handle all of the preparation. We will leave your precious items in your care, but will move your furniture to the centre of each room and cover it with plastic sheeting to ensure its protection. Our Commercial Painters will caulk any cracks, holes, and voids, as well as complete any minor carpentry repairs needed to ensure a quality, uniform finish.

Commercial Painting Toronto
Commercial Painting


We Do It Painters offers a number of key advantages to Oshawa businesses on commercial painting projects. In addition to those mentioned above, these advantages include:

Our painters are fully insured and fully bonded, and we take every precaution to respect and protect your workplace.
We offer our paints in a full-spectrum of tints, tones, and colours.
All of our paints are sourced from trusted name-brand manufacturers, ensuring results that look great and stand the test of time
When tackling big projects, we break painting into stages so that your day-to-day operations can proceed uninterrupted.


Painting is messy and you have a business to run. Let our experienced team of highly skilled commercial painters remove the hassle of painting, saving you time and revenue. So you can get back to business.

Commercial Painting Toronto

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We are experience painters located in the Durham Region. Our unparalleled process exceeds expectations pride ourselves on completing exacting work with a strong attention to detail while delivering the finest customer service. With years of experience and thousands of projects to our name, We Do It Painters is a proven expert you can trust.


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We specialize in painting schools, high schools, elementary schools, colleges and Universities. We use safe paints and we are certified by Ministry of Labour to safely paint those hard to get areas.

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civic buildings

We are happy to accept RFQs to offer interior/exterior repainting or concrete sealing.

Commercial Painting

WAREHOUSES / Factories

Our experience in painting large areas in a short time will help you in your decision when you need to clean up your production areas or storage. We can work around the operating hours to complete the job efficiently and accurately.

Painting Services

Apartments / Condos

When new potential tenants are looking for clean walls, ceilings and trim and the fresh scent of new paint, we can get it done fast and fix any small damaged areas. Short notice can be accommodated in most cases.

Commercial Painting Toronto

Hospitals / Hotels

Using safe but durable products in the health care environments must be considered. We use a zero VOC wall paint to brighten up areas like exam rooms, offices or hallways.

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Office Buildings

Your company image starts when your vendors or visitors drive into your office parking lot. And it continues once they walk in the door. Let us create a workspace that fits your brand, and creates a better work environment.

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We Do It Painter contractors will perform all of the necessary preparation to protect your furniture and belongings and guarantee the smoothest delivery of our painting services. We will caulk any cracks, holes, and voids, and handle any necessary minor carpentry repairs to ensure a uniform finish.

For exterior painting work there can be many variables due to the environment and elements. We Do It Painters are capable of small carpentry repairs. Rotting wood is not something We Do It Painters will paint, we don’t cut corners, we will do it right. Caulking gaps to prevent rot is part of our process. We also discard any old wood or garbage we create from the job for you.
We are the curb appeal experts after all.

You hear prep is everything. It’s true if you don’t prep, your job could fail. Our certified and experienced painters use our 5 Star system to make sure all surfaces are ready for paint or stain. This ensures a long lasting finish. Let us do it safely, you can enjoy the time your saving and come home to fresh look.



Experience a Different Kind of Painter.

Small touches, big impact. You expect looks that will last when it comes to your home or place of business. We take this philosophy so you can have piece of mind. From big space to small, you can trust our team of expert painting contractors with your next painting project and discover why We Do It Painters is different! 

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