The colour of your home has a huge impact on how you feel. The last thing you want to do is to come home at the end of the day and sit in a bland or off-putting room. To help you pick the best colour that will make you smile on a daily basis, here are five colours sure to make you happier.


This one shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, as yellow is traditionally associated with feelings of happiness, joy and cheerfulness. If you’re looking for a colour that will always bring out a smile, then this is the one for you. There are a wide variety of yellow shades to best fit your aesthetic, from a muted pastel to the brightest of hues. Yellow is a natural source for sparking happiness and positive energy. With that said, yellow can be difficult to cover in three coats.

Sky Blue

How could a beautiful reminder of the outdoors not make you happy? The light and airy colour of sky blue will instantly calm you down while also restoring your body’s natural rhythm. Not only will painting your room sky blue puts a smile on your face, but having a sky blue bedroom can promote better sleep, providing you with a soothing environment to relax in.

Dark Purple

Many people wouldn’t think that the dark tone of this shade of purple would be able to make people happy, but by some miracle, it does. The hints of purple in the dark colour not only bring out a sense of security but relaxation as well. It’s a colour that will help you to focus on your task at hand, reflecting on the days happening peacefully.

Yellow Green

When you look at a wall that’s painted a yellowish-green hue, whether it’s just one wall or several, you can’t help but feel energized. It’s the perfect balance between yellow and green, capturing the essence of spring and the cheerfulness that’s typically associated with yellow. The green that’s present also brings positive energy to the room, stimulating personal growth in every sense of the word.

Silver Sage

This colour is a gorgeous blend of sage green and silvery grey. When blended together, it creates the perfect colour that provides balance as well as harmony. This mixture of green and grey helps to create an air of luxury wherever it’s applied, especially if you have a more minimalist aesthetic. This colour will help you to enjoy what you have at the moment, nothing more and nothing less.

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