Certain colours do better in certain rooms than others when painting your home. What might create a nice atmosphere in the kitchen or living room won’t have the same effect in your master bedroom. It’s important to choose a colour that suits your personality and decor, but also one that promotes relaxation and peacefulness. This guide will tell you all about which colours you should and shouldn’t choose when painting your master bedroom.


Blues are at the top of this list if you’re looking to choose a new paint colour for your master bedroom. Blue is a calming colour that’s been shown time and time again to induce relaxation by lowering your blood pressure. Choose a cool-toned blue to achieve a restful atmosphere, while saving darker blues to accent certain furniture pieces. Blue is also a great colour to open up smaller bedrooms, making the space feel larger than it actually is.


Green is known for creating feelings of relaxation due to its natural and fresh essence. Because green encompasses the warmth of yellow and the calmness of blue, it’s a versatile shade that works for any master bedroom. If you have wooden furniture or hardwood flooring, the natural green tones will do well to complement those features. Choose whichever shade best suits your decor and you’ll be good to go.


Painting your entire master bedroom might not seem like a popular or common colour choice, but the brilliant hue has definitely grown on people. In order to achieve the ultimate relaxing oasis you desire, stick to soothing lavender shades or deeper purples. Because the colour is often associated with royalty, painting your bedroom walls purple will give you the luxurious escape you deserve.


A highly stimulating colour, painting your master bedroom red shouldn’t be your first choice. While incorporating in throughout the room in small amounts is fine, you won’t get much rest if you’re surrounded by bright red walls. Choose a deep red like crimson and focus it on an accent wall instead. Or choose a muted, which will balance out the intensity that the colour often promotes.


An extremely cheerful and happy colour, yellow does well in many other rooms of the house. The bedroom, however, isn’t one of them. In brighter hues, the colour can be overstimulating for such a restful space. If you’ve always wanted a yellow bedroom, then go with softer shades that are implemented throughout the room as opposed to painting your walls.

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