Ontario has many different styles of buildings and homes. When tackling a difficult exterior painting project, businesses and homeowners should consider many things. Without a doubt, the most important consideration is the safety of the people and painters on your property. Today, we will point out why working with a reputable and experienced local painting company can save you money and time, and someone’s well-being.
Have you ever wondered if the contractor you have used for a past job was insured? We Do It Painters can’t attain WSIB coverage without having comprehensive liability insurance to protect everyone and their property. It’s the law. So, we, of course, have insurance. Here is a sample.

liability insurance Example

If anything happens that requires insurance coverage, it’s nice to know your painter has it. And it says something about the company that would be responsible for acquiring the proper insurances.

When it comes to painting difficult exteriors, safety is the first priority. The second priority is the quality of the prep. When doing complicated areas that are hard to safely reach, it’s important not to cut any corners and avoid prep work due to accessibility. We Do It Painters use articulating boom machines that we are certified to use. This is better for everybody involved. Sure, there is a cost to rent these, but you know the jobs are getting done correctly, and in the long run, you know you’re not painting it again in the short term.

Lastly, going up and down ladders and moving ladders eats up time, which allows the painters to complete the job effectively and efficiently. Look at the images below. Which one looks safe and which one looks like a disaster waiting to happen? (Hint: the one on the right is an example of the equipment we use to safely paint high areas of an external wall).

Exterior painting Pickering
painters in Bowmanville

So when you are looking to update or repair your hard-to-reach exteriors, call We Do It Painters to get it done professionally and safely.