Can you think back to the last time you repainted your commercial property? If you can’t remember, then you might not realize how much of a difference it can make. Simply repainting an off-white wall to white can make your business look brand new. Even without completely changing up the colour scheme, you could be surprised how much an old coat of paint has faded over time. Getting a new paint job for your building’s interiors and exterior is able to bring a lot of life back to your business.

Today, we will discuss the advantages of repainting your building to help you make a better decision about whether or not you should repaint. Investing in paint could pay off by giving you better curb appeal and making a better impression on your customers.


Businesses are always looking for new ways to invite and entice customers in for a visit. A new paint job is a great idea if you are interested in rebranding your company. If you are changing your name or slogan, a new paint job can also help send that message through to your audience. It’s also important to note that if you are renovating the inside of your building, these changes should also be reflected on the outside of your building. Paint that looks fresh and new can create an environment that feels cleaner, safer and cared for.

Increase Foot Traffic

Everyone is attracted to buildings that look well-kept and modern than those that seem run down on the outside. If you draw customers to your location, then what your building looks like on the outside matters and is the first impression that walk-ins will experience when they pass by. Interior paint helps make organizations feel more welcoming and appealing, and will help encourage customers to stay longer. In retail, a fresh coat of paint can be more inviting. If you own a shopping mall, then a new paint job can help bring more traffic to your tenants’ stores.

Improve Workplace

You and your employees spend a majority of your time at the office. Getting your commercial interior painted benefits everyone just as much as it benefits business. Being in a beautiful and comfortable environment has a huge impression on workplace satisfaction. Studies show that those who are satisfied with their work environments are more likely to stay at their current job. They are also more productive. Simply investing in a new coat of paint can help create an attractive environment for all employees. When an organization puts effort into its interior design, people will feel much better and more at home when they come to work.

Switch the Mood of Your Business

The colour that is on the walls in your interior will have a huge effect on the mood of your company. The colours you pick will influence the way that your employees and customers feel each day and it can even help boost their focus.

Painting your commercial property will make a world of difference. We Do It Painters can help in this regard, and our services will elevate the appearance of any space you want to improve. We specialize in commercial and home painting, so if you are in Toronto, contact us today!