Painting a ceiling can be tricky, and the process is different from painting walls. While it can be harder to do, it is important that you do paint your ceilings when the time comes to maintain your home’s appearance.

If this is a project you need to complete, the following tips will help make the process easier:

Use A Work Platform

This will help reduce the strain on your arms, neck and back and will help you get closer to your ceiling. This will make it much easier for you to paint, and unlike a ladder, you won’t have to constantly climb up and down steps.

Prepare The Ceiling

It is always recommended that you paint your ceiling before you paint your walls because ceiling paint can drip, so you don’t want this to happen after you have finished painting your walls. Preparing to paint your ceilings also means that you have to cover everything that is in the room to protect your items from paint drips and splatter. So, if you start with your ceiling, your room will be fully covered, so you will have an easier time when you get to your walls.

Use A Brush For The Edges

Paint rollers are great for large surfaces but should not be used for corners because they cannot reach the areas between the ceiling and walls. To achieve clean-cut lines, you need to use a trim brush that has bristles tapered to one end, as this is the only way you will get professional results.

Try To Roll On Your Paint Evenly

To do this, you need to pour the right amount of paint into your roller tray, and it must not go any higher than the washboard section. This will prevent you from submerging the roller into the paint, which would cause you to put unnecessary amounts of paint on the roller. It would also cause you to put paint on just the ends of the roller, which will lead to drips on your walls. Make use of the washboard section of your tray so that you get a consistent amount of paint around your entire roller. It’s always best to paint in small sections and to roll back and forth in straight lines. Overlap each line and distribute the paint evenly.

Take Your Time

Painting a ceiling takes time, especially if you want to do it successfully. It’s exciting to think of the finished look, but rushing will lead to mistakes, and you will not be happy with the results. Roll the paint onto your ceiling slowly because the faster you do this, the more splatter and mess you will create, so rushing is never an option.

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