Adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls will improve the room, bring new life to your walls and freshen up that particular space. Painting your walls is not a one-time task and even though modern paints are meant to last for several years, certain factors like the function of the room, wear and tear and the finish of the paint may require that you paint more often because a standard timeline may not be suitable for you and your home.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most frequently used rooms in a home, meaning they will get dirty fast and often. These rooms require durable paint with a washable finish; otherwise, it will not be able to handle the traffic and activities that take place in these rooms. Most paints are built to withstand food splatters and messes that happen during a bath. However, these elements, along with moisture, will eventually take a toll on the paint and affect the surface of your walls. Adding a fresh coat of paint every three to four years is what professionals recommend for these particular rooms.

A living room does not have to be painted as often because even though this room is used daily, it is not considered as active like a kitchen in terms of the type of activities that go on in this space. For this reason, painting a living room every seven years is fine because the nature of the room is not as hectic as a bathroom or a kitchen. This time frame is perfect because your colour preference may change just in time for a new colour to be painted. The same is true for dining rooms which can also be painted every five to seven years.

The walls in adult bedrooms can last up to ten years because they are low traffic areas, so there is no need to paint them every couple of years. If your style preferences change, you can paint the walls sooner; otherwise, there is no urgency and you can wait a long time if you are happy with the colour. The walls in children’s bedrooms, on the other hand, are very different because they also serve as a playroom, meaning the walls may get coloured on, dinged up from toys and see a lot of wear and tear. For these reasons, a fresh coat of paint should be applied every two years, preferably an eggshell or satin paint, so that you get a durable finish that can handle the actions and activities of children.

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