When you need to get your commercial building painted, there are a few things involved. However, you should think about what this project will entail. Many commercial buildings will need a commercial painting company to come and paint their building every few years.


You will need to think about the environmental impact before you begin. A lot of times, larger projects will require a lot of materials and these can be hazardous to the environment or people. When you are speaking to a potential contractor, ask them about their environmental policies and if they will use materials that are hazardous to the environment.

Also, ask them about their training.  Many projects that commercial painters carry out can be dangerous because of the workers’ positions to put themselves in. Good contractors will have certifications that allow them to use scaffolding and meet OSHA standards.

Ask them about their experience as well. Reputable contractors will have experience with different types of painting, so ask them if they can provide you with a portfolio of projects that they have completed, so you can see if they are able to do the right kind of painting that you are looking for.

The Contract

You will also want to ask around about the reputation of your potential commercial painting company. You can do this by looking at reviews of these contractors online. Or you can also look at the details of the company by asking other business owners in the area who they would recommend or if they have worked with certain companies before. You can often find websites that are dedicated to offering reviews on different businesses and companies. You can find out if a company is legitimate and then decide if their work is right for you.

Think about the awards or accolades that a company might have. Painting is not always an easy task to complete, and when a painting contractor does a great job they might get accolades for their work. Look for companies who have gotten awards for a job well done. They should be able to quickly go over the things they have achieved and should be ready to give you some examples of their work.

We Do It Painters is the perfect contractor for you will typically not have extra costs for their services. When it comes to finding a commercial painter, think about any extra costs it might come with. They should be able to give you a quote before you begin the process.