Filling your living room walls with suitable décor will elevate the appearance of this space, so if your walls are looking a little bare, it may be time to decorate this space. There are a ton of options you can consider when it comes to walls, and it’s important that you choose pieces that appeal to your taste.

Look at different options before making your choice, and the following guide will provide you with interesting ideas and inspiration:

Large-scale Paintings

Hanging a painting on an empty wall is a great idea because it will give the space a beautiful visual element. Paintings come in different sizes but the bigger the piece, the more of a statement it will make. Consider tall and large paintings because this will make your living room pop.

Gallery Wall

This idea is very trendy at the moment, so if you like the idea of hanging multiple works, create a gallery wall in an organized fashion so that it doesn’t look clustered. Hang your frames or art pieces in perfect alignment and take exact measurements so that you leave an equal amount of space between each frame. You can choose to work with a small or large amount of art, and the reason why this option is so popular is that it’s a great solution to fill up an empty space.

Layer Wallpaper with Paintings

Wallpaper is making a comeback, so you can look into this option if you want something bold and beautiful. There are endless possibilities when it comes to wallpaper, and layering it with a painting will create a truly unique look that will make quite a statement. You will be able to play with colors, patterns and materials, so your living room will be far more interesting as a result of this combination.

Hang Iridescent Mirrors

Not only are these objects colorful, but mirrors also create depth in any space, so your living room will feel bigger yet cohesive, which you can achieve through different accents throughout the room. Mirrors also invite a lot of light into a room, so your space will feel brighter, and you will feel happier while in your living room.

Try Leaning Your Art

You don’t have to hang your artwork and can lean them up against your walls instead. This will make a beautiful impact and will provide your space with a relaxed look that is modern and unique. For the perfect effect, choose one large piece and combine it with smaller pieces of varying sizes.

Painting your living room walls will make a world of difference, and this is the perfect step if you’re looking to upgrade this space. We Do It Painters can help in this regard, and our services will elevate the appearance of any space you want to improve. We specialize in commercial and home painting, so if you are in Toronto, contact us today!