There’s a reason you paint the interior of your home, whether to complement the furniture or reflect your personality, you’re making the space more comfortable. Why not do the same with your office? Colours are powerful and have a strong influence on the emotions and behaviours of people. A work environment with the right interior colours can positively motivate and boost the productivity and efficiency of your employees. It’s valuable to everyone in your company to complete tasks in a workplace that stimulates their creativity, partnerships, and production.

We Do It Painters are the experts in keeping interior and exterior walls fresh and lively. For how to boost your employee’s productivity with the right interior office colours, check out our guide below

Blue Promotes Focus

Selecting blue for the office is perfect to encourage communication between staff members, increase focus on work and completing tasks and stimulates innovative ideas. Blue also has a calming element to it, which allows employees to adjust and become comfortable in their office setting. This can alleviate some of the stress that naturally occurs in a workplace setting. Impress your clients and employees with a modern coat of blue shades such as turquoise, denim or navy.

Green Symbolizes Success

Green is the colour of modern times, representing harmony, prosperity, balance, and growth. Having a single wall or the entire office painted a pleasant shade of green not only reflects stability but reflects your company’s contemporary and stylish image. A light shade of green, such as shamrock or pear, can reduce anxiety among staff members and allow them to relax and comfortably complete their tasks with efficiency and ease. Green is a colour that does not cause eye strain, which is especially beneficial for employees that work primarily on laptops.

Yellow Evokes Happiness

Yellow has always been associated with happiness and positive emotions and behaviours. An especially popular colour amongst employees in a creative field, yellow evokes feelings of joy, optimism and encourages friendly collaborations and communication. Your office space will always be received as a safe, positive space that encourages employee growth, hard work and happiness. Choose a light shade of yellow for a soft approach and to avoid the colour irritating or overwhelming employees and clients.

Red Encourages Excitement

Red is proverbial for being strong, passionate and powerful which some may find improper for an office setting. However, red is a colour that increases productivity and motivation as it increases heart rate and boosts performance. Red evokes action and excitement in the body, which is perfect to stimulate employees in a setting that may become monotonous.

We Do It Painters will provide high-quality, aesthetically pleasing paint services for your office’s interior with a quick turnaround time. Our commercial painting company will always respect and abide by your budget, colour palette and company’s style to leave your office with a beautiful finish. Let We Do It Painters get started on creating your dream office space and call us for a FREE quote today!