If you’re a business owner, you want all aspects of your company to look professional, including the building. A successful business must have a clean space that is both interesting and visually appealing to keep customers and employees happy. A fresh coat of paint can enhance your space and give it that fresh look that will help improve your building. However, painting a commercial space is harder than painting a room in your home, so here are some tips to help you get the best results possible:

1. Choose colours that are appropriate. The colour selection process can be overwhelming because there are so many different options these days, so it’s easy to get carried away. It’s important to stay focused so that you select a colour that won’t attract the wrong kind of attention. You want to create a space that is welcoming so that customers are comfortable when they walk in. This doesn’t mean you have to choose something boring and you can still be creative and make a statement with different colours or an accent wall so long as it makes sense and doesn’t take away from the business. You don’t want the focus to be on a bright wall instead of your products; take the time to think it through so that you choose the right colours.

2. Clean and clear the work area before painting. This may seem like a no brainer, but a lot of businesses have a hard time walking away from their office or leaving their belongings in the room, making the painting process challenging. Take the time to clear the space completely so that the painters can work easily and get the job done properly. This means removing wall hangings, furniture, signs and products, and cleaning the space so that you’re not painting over dirty walls. If you want the final look to be professional, you must follow these steps.

3. Make sure to use a primer. It may be tempting to eliminate this step, but you won’t be doing yourself or your business any favours. Primer will help achieve that perfect look once the paint dries and will also help it to last longer. Without primer, the colour will be dull and won’t look the way you want it to. Primer acts as a barrier between the wall and the new layer of paint, so don’t skip this step!

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