Contrary to what many people believe, white is not the only option when painting a dark room. It’s natural to assume that this is the best choice because the colour white can brighten up a room and make it feel lighter; however, there are other options you can consider. The best paint colour is not necessarily white, and this colour can actually make a room feel bland and uninviting.

Darker rooms require colours that will make the space feel bright and airy, so when you are selecting a colour, you need to consider the architecture, shape and direction of the room in addition to lighting. All of these aspects will impact the changing appearance of colours in the room, and in most cases, you will find that white is not the best choice. This is especially true for north-facing rooms, which tend to lack natural light. These rooms are naturally darker, and it is actually recommended that you use strong colours because they can be used to create drama and intimacy. Dark colours should be considered, and black is a great choice, so if the room you’re painting is dark, you can go all the way with this theme and create an all-black appearance. This colour would look beautiful on bookcases, ceilings and even on the walls and is ideal if you are after a dramatic look that is also cozy.


If you want something more unique, a gray-green hue is another great option you can consider because it is very complementary to nature and pairs beautifully with neutral accents. It would look great in a living room, as would camel tones because the deep warm hue they provide would make for a stunning backdrop. Some people find these tones to be intimidating but they are actually very cozy, so they can be used to paint the walls of a lounge area.

If you are not afraid of experimenting with bold tones, choose a deep plum as this will create a beautiful effect in a dark room. It is a moody hue that will look perfect with warm neutrals and will create a cozy atmosphere, so you can choose this paint colour for your TV room or lounge area. Charcoal is another hue you can consider because this almost-black colour will provide the room with dramatic flair and will look especially great with gray tones and light blue décor.

It is recommended that you test a few colours at home using samples of different options so that you can see which colours respond well to the lack of light. This will allow you to see the colours that are best suited for the room, so bring samples home before making your decision.

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