In-the-moment bathroom trends can come and go, but these bathroom trends for 2022 are meant to stand the test of time. Whether you invest in more durable materials, install timeless features or simply use the space in a clever way, keep these trendy ideas on hand when you are thinking about building a bathroom or renovating yours. 


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In the past, many expert renovators will tell you that tile is the way to go when it comes to bathroom flooring. However, with more and more water-resistant wood products being made, wooden flooring has found a way to enter the bathroom scene, and it is not going anywhere. 

Bed and Bath

These days, it seems like walls within the home have been disappearing more and more. And with this trend comes bedrooms and bathrooms that shrink, doors doing disappearing acts, and one new and distinct bathroom trend is emerging: open concept. Toilets will still typically be tucked away, however, bathtubs and showers, and sinks will now be more in the open. 


When it comes to the design of the bathroom, bathtubs have been hogging the spotlight for quite some time. In 2022, you will start to see showers come into the limelight more and emerge from the dark corners of the bathroom and get a center stage to get the attention that they deserve. Adding in custom LED lighting, multiple multi-function shower heads, and durable elements, there is no wonder that showers have become the new star of the show when it comes to bathroom design.


While a single wall covered in wallpaper can certainly make a great statement and has been a bathroom design trend for years, in 2022 we will start to see this trend expand to all the walls. Covering the entire bathroom in a statement wallpaper can create a uniquely intimate space that can remain thematically separate from the rest of the home, making it feel even more special. 

Bathroom Garden

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We all know that placing plants in the bathroom can help absorb moisture, freshen up the air and add a layer of green that is pleasing to the eye. But in 2022, bathroom design will go beyond a few potted plants. Having built-in planters, living green walls, and integrated courtyards are just some of the green thumb design elements being introduced to bathrooms now. 

Just Like a Spa

As most of us have started spending quite a lot more time at home, having a space where you can relax and retreat from work, family and other obligations are one of the top requirements when it comes to redesigning or reimagining your bathroom. Think about a warm bubble bath, built-in sound systems, and baskets in which to place your neatly rolled towels. 

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms have been a staple since indoor plumbing was first invented, and the wet room has finally started to make waves in other corners of the world. A wet room is pretty much a regular bathroom, but everything is waterproof and the shower is out in the open.