It’s time that your commercial space had a new look. Now that employees are allowed to go back into the office, this is the perfect time to redesign your commercial space. Your commercial office deserves a new setting and a new color. The old neutral colors that you have been using are probably getting boring, and it might be making it hard for you to stay still. Painting your commercial office means that you are one step closer to feeling comfortable while you work.

Facility managers are in charge of ensuring that commercial space has all the things it needs to function. They are also in charge of handling money when it comes to creating new projects or redesigning a space. Based on our own professional experience, it takes about one hour to paint 150 square feet. Contractors who are specialized in painting homes, commercial spaces, and offices will charge almost $60-65 per hour.

When it comes to talking about the costs of paint and prep supplies, there is a lot to take into consideration. Painters may charge more depending on the quality of the paint they purchase and the prep supplies they have. Depending on the porosity of the paint, one gallon should cover about 300-450 sq. ft. If your painter were to purchase their supplies from Benjamin Moore, one gallon should be able to cover at least 400 sq. ft. Prepper supplies and sundries for the size of a commercial office would typically cost $10.

Commercial office spaces can cost a lot to paint if you choose a company that does not have affordable prices. You want to find someone who you can trust who will get back to your questions and concerns right away. If you are looking for a commercial painting or home painting, contact We Do It Painters.